Why McDonogh #32?

IMG_1828Why Choose Mc32

At McDonogh #32, we work to educate the whole-child. In addition to rigorous classroom lessons, we have guest speakers, mentoring programs, gifted & talented specialists, athletics, marching band, and a dedicated social services team.  

All students at McDonogh #32 receive personalized academic instruction – struggling students are given supports to reach grade level and students that have mastered content are pushed to achieve even more. McDonogh #32 is leading Algiers when it comes to providing structured personalized learning opportunities for all students. From in-class computer rotations to whole-class time in the computer lab, all McDonogh #32 students have daily access to lessons and programs that help them achieve on their own levels. Families can also work on these lessons at home. See Academics

McDonogh #32’s innovative approach and constant drive to enhance learning opportunities have led to various pilot programs, including one-on-one laptops for students. Students attending McDonogh #32’s sixth grade have the opportunity to work on their own laptops throughout the day, completing assignments, working collaboratively with classmates, and preparing for exams. The goal is for every child to have continuous access to multiple devices and tools that support lifelong learning.


McDonogh #32 Mission:

To ensure success through a learning environment that supports the needs of the whole child by promoting rigorous instruction, positive school culture, and community involvement.



Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of this place, where everyone teaches and learns.


G.R.E.A.T.! Values

Grit: We teach resilience and we work hard, even when things are difficult.

Respect: We have respect for ourselves, each other, and our education.

Excellence: We try our best, every day.

Accountability: We hold ourselves and our peers accountable.

Teamwork: Students, staff, and our community come together to ensure success.

! Passion: We love what we do here at McDonogh #32.



McDonogh #32 students are lifelong learners who are prepared for college and/or career and can compete globally.



Tucked away in Old Algiers amidst historic shotgun homes, our school is a treasured New Orleans tradition. Founded as one of the first schools for African-American children, McDonogh #32 has a storied history, with many families choosing to send their children here for generations.

McDonogh #32 was officially made part of Algiers Charter  in 2005. Following Hurricane Katrina, our school had minimal damage and we were able to open our doors to students in December.

School Built: 1952

School Colors: Green & Gold

School Mascot: Eagles



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